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Introducing our New Dobrato Design: Model #JLV87!

Dobrato General Info JLV 87

Model JLV87. This piece features a Spider Bridge producing a traditional “Dobro” tone. All mahogany construction (spruce top on natural finish), our unique B Bender / Vibrato System, a Schatten Pickup out of Canada, 14 frets to the body, 1 11/16 nut width, Beard Legend Cone, #14 Spider and a quality plush lined Hardshell case.  Each instrument includes a personalized setup that suits your playing style!  Instrument & case, $2500.00, shipping $75.00 in the U.S., international shipping based on location.

Bob Weir Grateful Dead Dobrato Model KV953FC

Bob Weir of the Grateful Dead playing his Dobrato

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2023 Top 10 Finalist!

Dobrato KV953FC
Rig Rundown of Features

Dobrato KV953FC, Jenny Hill vocals & Banjo.
Kent Viles, Dobrato.

Finely Crafted

The Dobrato is designed and hand-assembled by Kent Viles at Dobrato Resophonic Guitars in Gunnison, Colorado.

Rich Tone

The Dobrato has a beautiful, full-bodied, reverberate voice, combining the classic sound of a resophonic guitar with the B Bender / Vibrato tonal variations. In this unique build, the Dobrato retains its natural deep and rich acoustic tone when amplified.

Evelyn Roper, vocals. Kent Viles, Dobrato.

Evelyn Roper, vocals. Kent Viles, Dobrato.

Kent Viles, Dobrato

Pros Playing the Dobrato

Jason Isbell Plays the Dobrato

Jason Isbell

Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit
Grammy Winner

David Hidalgo Plays the Dobrato

David Hidalgo

Los Lobos

Dobrato Owners

Mike Campbell Plays the Dobrato

Mike Campbell

Tom Petty
and the Heartbreakers

Bob Weir (Grateful Dead / Dead and Company)

Tom Petty & Mike Campbell
of the Heartbreakers

Jimmy Buffett (Owns Two)

Jason Isbell

David Hidalgo (Los Lobos)

Billy Gibbons (ZZ Top)

Mike Gordon (Phish)

Mac McAnally (Jimmy Buffett)

Grammy Winning Guitar Design

Tony Furtado

Brendan Benson

Michael Martin Murphey

and many more…

How Does the Dobrato Produce Its Unique Sound?

The World’s First Acoustic/Electric, round neck Resophonic Guitar with our unique B Bender / Vibrato System built into the vibrato arm. Allows the B string to be pulled to C# using the Vibrato arm pulled, very simply, sideways.

Dobrato General Info

Hand Assembled

Every Dobrato Resophonic Guitar is hand assembled by Kent Viles. All are signed and dated on my internal label.

Dobrato Specs

Quality Materials

I incorporate high-quality bell brass for the body, Padauk fretboards, hand spun 9 1/2″ aluminum cones, ebony on maple saddles.  All frets are leveled, polished, and fret ends rounded and smoothed taking care to produce close, comfortable action.  Our unique B Bender / Vibrato’s are hand fabricated and I install the PRO-RES-BIS Biscuit pickup by Fishman.  I use perfected resophonic guitar construction techniques paying special attention to setup and playability.

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See what Dobrato Owners are saying

Use hashtag #Dobrato on social media to show off your Dobrato.  See photos, stories, and videos of real owners.

Listen to the Sound

I spent 5 years building prototype body shapes to achieve our signature rich tone.  The sounds you create are limited only by your imagination. The Dobrato is a unique new “voice” for blues, country, fingerstyle, bluegrass, pedal steel effects, and jazz.

Dobrato Details

This is my original design, hand assembled at Dobrato Resophonic Guitars in Gunnison Co.  Unique Resophonic, custom B Bender-Vibrato system, Acoustic / Electric, voiced fuller and deeper than most Reso’s.  Explore pedal steel runs, add vibrato, create your own voicings!  Some Dobrato performers include Jason Isbell (used on and received a Grammy for “If We Were Vampires”)  Mike Campbell, Jimmy Buffett, Tom Petty, David Hidalgo, Mac McAnally, Billy Gibbons, many, many more.  Includes fitted Boulder Alpine Bag.  The Dobrato is a joy to play, I focus on very playable setups. Please call with any questions about the design.
Kent Viles, 970-641-2747.

How Does the Dobrato Play?

It is tuned and played like any guitar. All resophonic guitars have a fairly distinct tone, The sound is generated by an aluminum cone under the cover plate. Most are fairly metallic in tone, however, I spent a number of years building prototypes to get a richer, deeper tone from the instrument.
It sounds beautiful and suits many styles of music.


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    Dobrato Resophonics5 days ago
    Here's the first Demo of my latest Dobrato design, Model JLV87. This piece is a Spider Bridge, Unique B Bender / Vibrato System, All Mahogany with a subtle cutaway. Acoustic / Electric, Includes a plush Hardshell Case, $2500.00

    Kent Viles, Dobrato, Arrangment. Jenny Hill, Vocals and Fiddle.
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